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Steel Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)

Steel reinforcing bars, commonly known as rebar, are steel bars or meshes that are utilized as tension devices in reinforced concrete and masonry structures.These bars are integral components in construction, providing added strength to concrete structures by withstanding tension and helping to prevent cracks and structural failure.

Steel Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)

Details :

Rebar grades are established according to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. These grades are designated based on the minimum yield strength expressed in kilopounds per square inch (KSI). The commonly used rebar grades include 40, 60, 75, 80, and 100. The grade nomenclature corresponds to the yield strength of the rebar. For instance, grade 40 rebar has a minimum yield strength of 40 KSI, equivalent to 40,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). On the other hand, grade 80 rebar has a minimum yield strength of 80 KSI or 80,000 PSI.


Prdouct NameSteel Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)



Imperial Bar SizeWeight (lb/ft)Weight (kg/m)Nominal Diameter (in)Nominal Diameter (mm)Nominal Area (in2)Nominal Area (mm2)
CertificationsISO 9001 BV SGS
PackingIndustry standard packaging or according to client’s requirement
Payment termsT / T or L / C at sight
Trade TermsEXW, FOB, CIF, CFR
Delivery timeFast delivery in 7 days, up to order quantity
QualityMill Test Certificate supplied with the shipment / Third part inspection is acceptable

Here are some common applications for different sizes of steel rebar:

  • #3: This thin and cost-effective mild steel rebar is used to add strength to concrete roads, driveways, and patios. It is also commonly employed in poured concrete swimming pools to shape and reinforce the pool walls.

  • #4: Slightly thicker than #3, #4 rebar is ideal for enhancing the strength of highways, as well as providing added support to columns and slabs.

  • #5: This rebar size finds common use in bridges and highways, where it helps reinforce the structures.

  • #6: Frequently utilized in foundations, retaining walls, roads, and highways, #6 rebar assists in providing stability and strength.

  • #7: This rebar size is suitable for supporting structures such as multi-story parking garages and bridges.

  • #8: #8 rebar is well-suited for medium to heavy commercial applications. It can be used in slabs, sea walls, columns, and beams.

  • #9: With its thickness and durability, #9 rebar is commonly chosen for high-rise construction projects, sea walls, and retaining walls.

  • #10: This size is ideal for medium to heavy commercial projects, offering structural support in beams, columns, and other load-bearing elements.

  • #11: As a heavy-duty rebar, #11 is thick and strong, making it a popular choice for load-bearing structures.

  • #14: Among the heaviest and thickest rebars available, #14 rebar is well-suited for bridges, parking structures, tall buildings, and docks.

  • #18: This large and strong rebar size is used in the construction of large buildings, industrial facilities, and other large-scale structures.




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