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Carbon Steel Coil

Discover the strength and versatility of carbon steel coils for your manufacturing and industrial needs. Our high-quality carbon steel coils offer excellent durability, tensile strength, and reliability. Whether for automotive, construction, or other applications, these coils provide a reliable solution. Explore our range of grades, thicknesses, and widths to find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Order now for superior quality carbon steel coils.

Carbon Steel Coil

Features :

We can provide following three categories carbon steel:

  • Low-carbon steel with a carbon content of between 0.04% and 0.30% is the largest category of carbon steel.
    Properties: High toughness; Low tensile strength; High weldability; Low cost; High ductility; Low hardness; High machinability.
  • Medium carbon steel with typical carbon values between 0.31% and 0.60% and manganese content between 0.31% and 0.60%
    Properties: Medium strength; Moderate toughness; Medium weldability; Medium ductility; Moderate machinability.
  • High-carbon steels are often referred to as “carbon tool steels” and typically contain between 0.61% and 1.50% carbon.
    Properties: High toughness; Low machinability; High strength; Moderate weldability; Low ductility.


Product Name Carbon Steel Coil
Size All Sizes Can be customzied
Standard ASTM, JIS, EN
Technique Hot rolled / Cold rolled
Thickness Tolerance ± 0.01mm
Material Carbon Steel
Application Mainly used in the manufacture of petroleum, chemical, gas separation and shipping container or other similar devices, such as all kinds of tower vessels, heat exchangers, storage tank and tank car, etc
MOQ 1 ton
Shipment Time Within 7 workdays for less 20 tons and 10 days for less 50 tons after receiving deposit or L/C, more 50 tons need about 20 days.
Export Packing Waterproof paper, and steel strip packed. Standard Export Seaworthy Package. Suit for all kinds of transport, or as required
Capacity 250,000 tons/year




We accept customised products and fully support OEM/ODM in all forms and sizes, as well as having standard stock and custom cuts.


We have strict quality control over our products and have obtained ISO certification as well as ISO 9001 certification. We have established relationships with many countries around the world and also have access to many export certificates (BV, TUV, SGS), therefore we can offer a wide range of certifications.


We provide free samples and when you place a normal order we will reduce the cost of shipping and samples from the cost of your normal order.


We are a supplier of high quality stainless steel metals with a complete production line and precision machining shops. Our products are sold worldwide and chosen by more than 5,000 customers from South America, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our products deserve to be trusted.


We support a minimum order quantity of per tonne and a minimum order quantity of just 1 tonne.


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